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Reusable Sweat Saran Wrap

Reusable Sweat Saran Wrap

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Waist Wrap Size:

Height: 25CM/10 inches

Total Length: 110CM/43.3 inches

Custom Reusable PVC Sauna Sweat Belly Tummy Slimmer Waist Trainer Body Shaper Belt Lose Weight Waist Leg Slimming Wrap
* Slimming Sweat wrap

* Sauna effect
* PVC material

* One size fit all
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Okay, I'll admit it—I was skeptical at first. But this Women's Detox Bundle? It's like a spa day, but for my insides. Feeling amazing

Jess P.

Can't believe the difference in my skin! The Women's Detox Bundle has seriously cleared things up and left me with this natural glow. Obsessed!

Rachel W.

Hey ladies, just had to share—I've been using the Detox Bundle and let me tell you, it's like a breath of fresh air for my body!

Dominique F.