4 Wellness Trends To Try In 2024

4 Wellness Trends To Try In 2024

Moving into the new year, wellness methods have definitely shifted together with the new normal, as we find new ways to stay active, stay sane and become healthier. Read on for some 2024 wellness trends predictions we’re getting pretty excited about!

Working Out From Home

Home Workouts are here to stay in 2024 - I mean we’ve gotta stay sane and fit somehow! Lunchtime bite-sized workouts will definitely be on trend, with quick 10 to 15 minute full body workouts being a quick fix to mid-day work blues, and keeps you feeling refreshed and motivated.

They can be in the form of high intensity workouts, or even a slow yoga session to just let loose for a bit and keep to a consistent routine. Check out some of our go-to workouts we’ve been absolutely loving that are also super easy to follow!

It's Time To Hit Snooze

Getting your ZZZ’s in is the new self-care of 2024, as getting sufficient sleep directly affects your immunity! Having a consistent sleep schedule, is something that many struggle with especially during quarantine, but is essential to a more restful sleep. Try avoiding the use of any form of technology an hour before bed, to help transition to a more relaxed state of mind.

Another sleep hack we’ve really been loving is having a glass of warm caffeine-free tea before bed - our favorite has been the all-natural 14 Day Detox Bundle, which helps to calm our mind before bed and promotes restoration and detoxification in our body!

Mindfulness Is Key

Let’s be real, being cooped up at home messes with your head, as staying home 24/7 blurs our concept of time and routines. This is where the new emphasis of practicing mindfulness in our everyday routines comes to play.

Mindfulness and meditation come hand-in-hand and the best part is, there are countless free apps and resources available for you! One of our favorites that we’ve been loving is Smiling Mind, which features hundreds of meditations ranging from 5 to 45 minute sessions. Other meditation apps such as Headspace and Calm are definitely worth checking out as well!

The Main Takeaway

Wellness is all about taking care of your own personal health - both mental and physical, and there’s no better time to refocus on you than now. We’re all on our own personal journey, trying to navigate through these weird and uncertain times, so don’t be too hard on yourself babe!
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